Sit Down And Shut Up!

As some of you may have seen, there was a video online showing me getting into a scuffle with some drunk angry man on the train.  It has been taken down now but it felt so strange to watch it back.  It’s a long story so I suppose I better take it from the start...


It’s always hard to shake Berlin out of the system when you first arrive home.  I am so used to having a beer on the train and going for a drift and seeing where I end up.  I had been doing a bit of busking in the day and since I had a day ticket for the train, decided to go for a drift down town.  I would buy a single beer from the Shop (this got me some strange looks!) and walk about speaking to random people. I went to a few bars, seen some music and just had a lovely drift.  I was feeling great and was on the train on the way home.


I seem to attract attention with how I speak, dress and express myself and found myself in conversation with the guy who was sitting opposite to me and as I was mid-flow through a story, this really hard-faced angry woman stood up and with a snarl started telling me to watch my language as her kids were with her.  I apologised and said that sometimes I do it without realising, as I was saying this, another “bloody” slipped out and this only enraged her further.  She was screaming at me to just shut up.


I always hate being told to shut up and I started to react a little to her snarling and begun laughing at her.  I said I am exposed to things that offend me every day, drunk smack heads, angry snotty little children, horrible parents screaming at their kids and much more. And when I don’t like it, I just move away from them.  It’s as easy as that.  Her kids were hardly small children but 2 boys about to enter puberty.  It was 11pm at night and the train was full of drunk people on their way home after a night out.


There was a ‘man’ on the next seat across, siding with the woman and repeating her orders for me to “just shut up”.  This I couldn’t do, and as I stood up to address all that were watching on the importance of the liberty to express oneself passionately (I did this in a Shakespearian voice for some reason)  This cretinous little hound of a creature put his arms around my neck and started to push me against the wall screaming at me to “Sit down and shut up”.  I was laughing so hard in his face that it made him even more aggressive.  I would not steep to his level though, and I continued to laugh at him.  I had no idea it was being filmed and as I pushed him away to leave the train still in fits of laughter and talking in a Shakespearian voice I said “Who wants to just sit down and shut up?  Not I, ladies and Gentlemen, not I” Then the video finished at the perfect time.


All the world's a stage; and all the men and women merely players.


I abhor violence and aggression.  It is the last refuge of the intellectually bereft. I will never sink to those sad lows.  I don’t need to prove I am a man by smacking someone through the jaw and getting blood on my suit and fists. I like to prove myself an artist and gentleman by laughing in the face of this horrible behaviour.  I laughed all the way home, but I felt a little sad inside aswell.


It just made me feel that I really don’t fit in ‘round ere.  As I got home I noticed that my necklace had gone.  It is such a special part of me and was a gift from my mother when I started travelling.  St Christopher was the saint of the travellers and it shone so bright from my chest and was always a comfort to hold it and touch it.  Like most, I am prone to superstition and feel it did bring me luck.  My hat had also took a dint and lost a bit of shape.  I know I can be a little loud and expressive sometimes, even a little obstreperous, but to be attacked like that was very wrong.


What a sad thing to happen, hey.  On the first day I got back home my Mum had found an old drawing book of mine with lots of pictures that I drew in Amsterdam when I first started travelling.  Some of them are really cool!  So this is my thinking...  I really need a new necklace and have my heart set on this gold flower of life.  It is 60 bucks so I thought it would be a good way of showing that art always triumphs over violence.  If I sell 4 of these it will get me the necklace, any more and I can get a new hat!



Each picture is 15 euroes and will be sent with an extra touch of love as it will make me keep the faith that art and creation will always triumph over hate and violence.  Berlin is a city for those who just don’t fit in; an island for the crazy, creative and colourful.  Sometimes, it is a good thing to bring a little touch of Berlin back home with you.  

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    Jay Mansell (Thursday, 27 December 2018 19:35)

    Mate I also saw the video when it was posted. I was proud of you for not giving the expected reaction to what was basically an assault. Keep your chin up, as for not ‘fitting in round here’, who wants to? If fitting in means punching passengers on a train. I too am fond of a swear word, I use them for emphasis. I use them so often that they have lost their often frowned upon meanings. So much so that when I’m angry I tend to stop swearing. I tend to choose my words more carefully when wanting to make a serious point. Anyway I’m rambling, don’t change for others. Keep being you, after all what more do we have than being ourselves?