The Dead Sea Captain

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You have found my digital domain.  Here you can do lots of things.  You can....


Discover and download the music I have made over the last 17 years via my 'Musical Journey' tab.  I have wrote a little bit about all the bands I have played in and albums I have recorded.  It has been a nice trip down memory lane collating them all.


I love to draw strange doodle and paint with oil-paints.  I can sit for hours and hours listening to music while painting away.  You can buy a selection of my art work by visiting the shop.


I have been "homeless" for the last 7 and just travelling and busking around Europe and Argentina.  I kept a nice blog with all my journals and on the 'Busking Blog' tab you can read a whole books worth of adventures.  You can read my new blog by visiting the 'Captains Corner'.


I have made a few videos along the way with many different people and projects and you can see them all in one place in the aptly named 'Videos' tab.


My feet are still stuck in Berlin at the moment so if you would like to hire me for a public or private performance then please send me a message via the Contact page and we can talk about it.


Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy perusing through my music, words and drawings.  I am excited to keep adding more music, doodles and journals as I do them.


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